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Call us a company on a mission. Wyland Worldwide was founded on the efforts of Wyland and a dedicated team of induviduals committed to one purpose: reaching out to people everywhere with a message of art, nature, and community.

Whether it's wall art or sculpture for your home or an art activity for the entire family, Wyland Worldwide delivers the images, resources, and experiences to bring you closer to the beauty of our ocean, lakes, rivers, streams, and wetlands.

Wyland offers high-quality, green-themed sustainable retail products, and engaging, creative art and science events at zoos, aquariums, and museums around the world. You may see us on PBS, Discovery Channel, or in your local news. Around the world or around the corner, it's a daily celebration of the wonder of our blue planet - and it's here for you.

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Wyland Accomplishments 1976-2016

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  • Keynote speaker at UNEP International Children's Conference for the Environment, "Water for Life." Painted with kids from 115 countries
  • Unveiled official sculpture and painting for the 2008 US Olympic Team at Art Expo New York
  • Named the official artist for 2008 International Year of the Reef, Wyland created a commemorative original oil painting depicting Florida's coral reefs that was unveiled at the IYOR Conference at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC
  • The United Nations Environmental Programme appointed Wyland as an official artist for its International Children's Painting Competition on the Environment
  • Completed HD filming of 39 half-hour episodes for his new public television series and PBS, "Wyland's Art Studio," air nationally in April 2008
  • Milestone: 30th Anniversary of Wyland Galleries will be celebrated in 2008, with latest locations including Hawaii, San Diego, Laguna Beach, Carmel, California, North Carolina, Florida, Las Vegas, Seattle, Ocean City, Maryland, and Long Island, NY
  • Completed Whaling Wall 96, Pago Pago, American Samoa celebrating the International Year of the Reef
  • Completed Whaling Wall 97, Plymouth, England
  • Completed Whaling Wall 98 at the National Aquarium in Santos, Brazil
  • Completed Whaling Wall 99, North Lauderdale, Florida - the last Whaling Wall in America
  • Wyland Waikiki nominated "Best New Hotel in Hawaii"
  • Completed Whaling Wall 100 July 7 - July 21, 2008, in Beijing, China, for the Green Olympics, where he painted nearly one mile of canvas with kids from Olympic and U.N. member countries. The project titled "Hands Across the Ocean" is an official event for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Cultural Festival.
  • Dedicated his first monumental sculpture, "Faster, Higher, Stronger," at the International Sculpture Park in Beijing, China for the Beijing Green Olympics. This is the first of the 100 sculpture project to be completed in the next 25 years.
  • Published 20th book, "Wyland - One Hundred Whaling Walls"
  • Winner in the OCEAN VIEWS 2008 PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION. Photograph displayed in an exhibition at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC
  • Wyland's final Whaling Wall, "Hands Across the Oceans," a collaboration with more than 3,000 children from 100 countries was welcomed to the United States National Mall, Sept. 26 - Oct. 3, 2008, to inaugurate the Sant Ocean Hall at the Smithsonian National Museum of National History
  • Welcomed to the Ocean Institute's Board of Directors

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