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Call us a company on a mission. Wyland Worldwide was founded on the efforts of Wyland and a dedicated team of induviduals committed to one purpose: reaching out to people everywhere with a message of art, nature, and community.

Whether it's wall art or sculpture for your home or an art activity for the entire family, Wyland Worldwide delivers the images, resources, and experiences to bring you closer to the beauty of our ocean, lakes, rivers, streams, and wetlands.

Wyland offers high-quality, green-themed sustainable retail products, and engaging, creative art and science events at zoos, aquariums, and museums around the world. You may see us on PBS, Discovery Channel, or in your local news. Around the world or around the corner, it's a daily celebration of the wonder of our blue planet - and it's here for you.

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Wyland Accomplishments 1976-2016

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  • Attended Center for Creative Studies, Detroit, Michigan, Painting and Sculpture Scholarship


  • Painted first California murals, "Diver", "Old Sea Captain" and Golden Bear Musical Stars"


  • Opened first Wyland Studio Gallery, Laguna Beach, California


  • Completed First Whaling Wall, Laguna Beach, California, 140'w x 14'h. Dedicated July 9, 1981 Artist's 25th Birthday


  • Completed Whaling Wall 13, "Orca's A-5 Pod" dedicated by Robert Bateman, Victoria, Canada
  • Original Painting, "Orca's A-5 Pod" Provincial Museum, British Columbia, Canada
  • Completed Whaling Wall 14, Funabashi, Japan


  • Wyland - "The Power of One" - on PBS narrated by Leonard Nimoy

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