Holly Weber

Holly has always had a love and passion for art that runs deep, as she has always had an intense desire to create from an early age. It wasn’t until recent years that Holly grabbed the opportunity to pursue, develop and refine her skills as a professional artist.

Holly’s artistic background is vast with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from California State University Long Beach and a study abroad program in Italy through the University of Georgia. She is experienced in oil, acrylic, charcoal, and ceramics. After a return to Hawaii three years ago, Holly was inspired by the beauty of the islands and her art began to mimic her surroundings with ocean inspired mixed media paintings.

Holly’s work portrays unique, vibrant, and dynamic seascapes that encompass the deep blue and turquoise hues that the ocean offers with the use of acrylic paint and epoxy resin. The high gloss finish of the resin depicts the movement and grace of the ocean while the acrylic underlay mimics the sand and allows a textural contrast. The mix of mediums creates a mysterious depth and hyper realistic feel which is often mistaken for drone footage.

Holly and her family live on the west side of Oahu, a beautiful and inspiring place to call home that gives life to her work.