Dimensions: 48" x 39" x 20"

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Once called devil fish by sailors who saw large “horns” extending forward from their heads, manta rays have acquired a quite different reputation as the masters of ocean elegance. With their great black wings, they cruise silently through their ocean realm, as depicted in this delightfully detailed bronze table sculpture by master artist Wyland. “Mantas are one of the largest and least known of the fishes,” Wyland says. “They may seem intimidating at first, but are in fact incredibly gentle. This sculpture really gave me an opportunity to develop a new appreciation for their graceful beauty. I hope that through it others may come to appreciate the grace of these creatures as I have.” Wyland adds his signature detailed flourishes and shimmering patina to the artwork. His finely wrought corals and smaller sea life add another dimension to the piece that guarantee the viewer with new discoveries for years to come.

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