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Polar Bear

26” L x 8” W X 13” H

$14,390.00$12,240.00Save $2,150.00 (15%)

Save $6,470.00 (30%)

Polar bears are primarily found within the Arctic Circle. On an expedition to the high Arctic I photographed these amazing ice bears in the wild. These firsthand encounters have inspired my newest bronze sculpture featuring this amazing animal by capturing its power and grace as it moves effortlessly across the ice. All the beauty and details are revealed in this sculpture along with the unique white patina used for the fur. As with most of my paintings and sculptures its all about capturing the soul through their eyes. I hope you reserve one for your collection today. It’s now available exclusively through Wyland Galleries. AP edition 100, SN edition 350. Polar Bear Cub sold separately or buy both and save! https://www.wyland.com/product/polar-bear-cub/

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