The Worlds of SeaWalker Hardcover Book by Wyland

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Following SeaWalker’s journey in Wyland’s The Legend of Seawalker,

The Worlds Of SeaWalker reveals the secrets of the universe.

 After being abducted from the surface of the Bermuda triangle and beamed up into a giant, hovering spaceship, SeaWalker is probed by extraterrestrial aliens who wish to learn what he knows of their sinister plan to eliminate the human race and take over planet Earth. The truth—that alien colonies from Mars began to colonize the earth millions of years before the first humans left the ocean for their terrestrial home—is confirmed in this second installment of Wyland’s three-part series.

By addressing the mystery of the UFO and alien phenomena, The Worlds Of SeaWalker discusses one of the biggest stories in history and gives readers a behind-the-scenes look into the UFO cover-up and conspiracies that are now being revealed.

The war of the worlds has begun…

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