Endless Summer

Framed Dimensions: 38" x 56"

List $4,990.00 Special $2,495.00

“When I was six years old, my family had a large framed print of a seascape by Robert Wood, a well known artist from Laguna Beach, hanging over our couch in our living room. The painting depicted an area of Laguna Beach that eventually became named “Woods Cove,” after the artist. Wood died in the 1960s, but he was part of what inspired me to move to Laguna, where I’ve now lived and painted for many years. But the story doesn’t end there. Ten years ago, I was in a gallery and found the original version of the print that used to hang in my childhood home. I bought it on the spot. Now, in honor of Robert Wood, I decided to paint my current view of Woods Cove at sunset. This new painting, ‘Endless Summer,’ shares the warmth of Laguna’s famed beach in the vibrant warm colors that have inspired people here for generations. I hope you enjoy my Endless Summer.”


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