Last Whale

Framed Dimensions: 32" x 55"

List $3,995.00 Special $3,995.00

A shape of things to come or the last whale to embark on an epic journey to its northern feeding grounds? In “The Last Whale,” a powerful demonstration of Wyland’s ability to combine realism and abstract backgrounds, the artist invites the viewer to make their own conclusions about the state of the planet. “We’ve spent years trying to save whales,” Wyland says. “And for the most part mankind has succeeded. But to ensure the survival of these gentle giants, we have to protect the habitat they share with all other creatures. Taken by itself, this painting has all the elements of a beautiful sunset, but in the larger context of our planet, it also gives people an opportunity to think.”

Image includes printed 3″ black border on all sides.

Overall image size with borders is 51″ X 28.5″.


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